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Winfield, MO


Chiropractic Care in Winfield, MO

Synergy Chiropractic Winfield is a great place to go if you're looking for chiropractic care in Winfield, MO. We know our patients are often experiencing difficulties that limit their mobility and keep them in pain. We try to get to the source of the issue in the hopes that we can relieve the discomfort once and for all.

Not only do we treat back pain, but we also use chiropractic techniques to try to minimize the pain associated with arthritis, migraines, and headaches. If you're dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident or a sports injury, we'll try to speed up the healing process. We treat fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome as well. We make patients our main priority, so we offer:

  • Flexible scheduling, including Saturday and early morning appointment times
  • Excellent rates
  • Great customer service
  • 24/7 emergency help

For treatment in a modern facility in Winfield, MO, visit Synergy Chiropractic Winfield. We hope our chiropractic care can help you feel better long into the future. Call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


What should you use?

Ice and heat seem similar to use for aches and pain but they are very different. Next time you reach for an ice pack think about this list and you might be reaching for the wrong thing. If you have any questions please schedule an appointment with Dr. Hammerling to learn more.