A graduate of Logan College,  Dr. Robert J. Hammerling has experience working with a variety of conditions ranging from neck and back pain to hand and foot pain.

He is eager to put this experience to use in order to help you with your healthcare needs.

Dr. Hammerling uses specific chiropractic adjustments to restore motion to restricted spinal segments in order to decrease pain and symptoms, and increase function and range of motion.  This goes hand in hand with specific soft tissue therapy, to restore natural motion and function around the restricted segments. He can tailor his treatments from the very young to the very old, and any age range in between, being as gentle as necessary.



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Jake Smith

"Dr. Hammerling is a great chiropractor. He and his staff are amazing. I would send any one of my family members to him. He's adjusted me for the last 4 years whenever I needed it, and I've always had a great experience."


10 Eagle Avenue

Winfield, MO 63389


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