• Chiropractic adjustments of the elbow and upper spine, where the joints and soft tissue undergo corrective treatment.

  • Nutritional supplements in the diet such as B6, a vitamin that has had long-term success in its treatment of CTS.

  • Bracing, a technique that has had extensive success, by limiting motion in the hand, and with decompression of the median nerve may encourage recovery and ease the swelling in the tendons.

  • Exercises for the wrist and hand which also encourages recovery

  • Assessment of the ergonomics of the work place to minimize stress the best way as possible.

A chiropractor can determine if the spine is the primary source of the symptoms through a thorough examination of the nerves that move from the spine through the shoulder, down the arm and into the wrist.  If any of these nerves are irritated along the path, they could be the cause of carpal tunnel symptoms.


If Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is detected early, then surgery can be avoided, and chiropractic treatment becomes the leading method of non-surgical treatment. Contact Synergy Chiropractic Winfield, today, to schedule an appointment!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome​

In many cases, carpal tunnel symptoms are caused by nerve interference in the spine, neck, elbow or wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is considered a repetitive stress injury (caused by repetitive motion).  

Here are some of the most common culprits:

  • Typing

  • Working with small tools (artist, mechanic, hair dresser)

  • Gardening

  • Playing piano

  • Working on an assembly line

Chiropractic treatment is extremely effective in treating carpal tunnel symptoms. Chiropractic treatment usually involves various methods, with a combination of rest, ice, and electrical stimulation, including:


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