Foot & Ankle Pain

The joints of the ankles and feet are constantly stressed with your body weight pressing down upon them, but they still manage to function properly most of the time. In fact, you rarely even think about your ankles or feet until they become sore.

Most of the causes of foot and ankle pain are fairly straightforward. Maybe your shoes pinch at the toes. Maybe your heels are too high. Maybe you transitioned from high heels to flip-flops too quickly. Maybe you rolled your ankle. Maybe you have plantar fasciitis.

Sometimes the causes of foot and ankle pain are harder to find, and require a doctor's visit for a proper diagnosis. You might be inclined to think that chiropractic care can't help foot or ankle pain, but chiropractors have been helping treat lower extremity conditions for over a hundred years. Increasing research into chiropractic care for the ankle and foot is showing evidence for chiropractic care, combined with other modalities such as exercise and therapies.

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