Numbness, Tingling and Burning

There are two types of numbness, tingling and burning you can experience:

  • Parasthesia – a spontaneous abnormal sensation of “pins and needles” or “foot falling asleep.”

  • Dysesthesia– an irritating sensation caused by a stimulus that does not normally produce pain.


Almost everyone experiences parasthesia from time to time, and it merits seeing the doctor if it is recurring or lasts longer than a few minutes without going away.

On the flip side, dyesthesia is a less frequent occurrence. So if you experience numbness, pain, tingling, or irritation after contact with something that does not usually cause you that reaction, then notifying your doctor’s office is generally a good idea.

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Causes of Numbness, Tingling and Burning

One of the most important things to understand about numbness, tingling and burning is that they are not a condition but a symptom that could be caused by any number of different (and unrelated) conditions.

The conditions associated with symptoms of numbness, tingling and burning are grouped into 3 different categories based on their cause:

  • Trauma

  • Neurologic Event

  • Metabolic Disorder

Most cases of numbness, tingling and burning are from conditions caused by trauma. These also happen to be the cases that respond best to chiropractic care. This is because chiropractic addresses the cause of the trauma, and not the mere symptoms of numbness, tingling and burning, which will usually be alleviated once the cause of the trauma is suitably addressed.



Most cases of numbness, tingling and burning can be treated conservatively with chiropractic care. In some instances when drugs, injections or surgery may be needed, the doctor would then refer you to a specialist in the appropriate area and will work closely with that specialist to continue helping you resolve your symptoms.

Postponing treatment or ignoring the symptoms can lead to chronic and persistent discomfort, more acute pain, deteriorating physical condition and problems that are harder to address. Finding and treating the underlying cause is a better option. Contact Synergy Chiropractic Winfield, today, to schedule an appointment!